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ARRVLS LIVE: The Tenderloin

ARRVLS is an audio documentary program and live event series featuring stories of migration, transformation, and change. Now, ARRVLS is launching a new series of live events that explore how change impacts communities.

ARRVLS Neighborhoods partners with local residents, storytellers, and community organizations to tell the stories changing neighborhoods and the people who are changed by them. Our first installation focuses on the San Francisco neighborhood of the Tenderloin.

Produced in collaboration with The Tenderloin Museum, Larkin Street Youth Center, and The Curry Senior Center, "ARRVLS LIVE: The Tenderloin" will feature storytelling from residents, performers, and community leaders sharing their personal experience of a neighborhood changing and forever changed. The interactive storytelling project Temporal Cities is collaborating with ARRVLS to collect and share stories in person on the night of the event.

The stories from the show will also be recorded and released as a very special episode the podcast.

ARRVLS explores the impact of unexpected events in the lives of everyday men and women using the themes of migration, transformation, and change as a guide. The show is produced by Jonathan Hirsch, and has received considerable acclaim in the first year (It's been featured on NPR and dozens of public radio stations, and been reviewed in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, A/V Club, and The Atlantic among others). Our audience is international -- receiving close to 50 thousand downloads each month.

Temporal Cities is a public art project that examines the experience of living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, through the stories of its residents. The piece combines analog slide projection and interactive storytelling; a projected image mounted on the street attracts passersby to the installation, where they are encouraged to share a personal story that took place nearby. In collecting and archiving these stories, artists Lizzy Brooks and Radka Pulliam are building a nuanced map that explores the changing nature of the city and our collective ideas of permanence.