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Where Art Lives

Uphill Arts and Tenderloin Museum are proud to present the artwork of Where Art Lives, a youth-focused program that gives Tenderloin students the tools to unleash the type of creativity that shapes a community for the better. The exhibition will showcase the developing voices and personal visual art styles by middle schoolers of United Playaz and the Boys and Girls Club Tenderloin Clubhouse.  

Where Art Lives uses best practices in arts education to explore real world issues with people in San Francisco. Their mission is to support teens as they shape the future of their community with the kind of skills, knowledge, and creativity that could make San Francisco a more beautiful and inclusive city. Created in an effort to navigate the complexities of adulthood and positively mold their surroundings, the program uses arts education to explore the ideas around artistic expression in everyday life.

Where Art Lives features the work of teenagers that focuses on transforming public spaces and gives audiences a window into the colorful San Francisco of the future today’s adolescents strive toward.

The opening reception has been conceptualized and organized by students of Galileo Academy of Science and Technology and will include live music, snacks, and interactive teen activities from 5pm - 8pm.

The Where Art Lives program is funded through a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission and will run through October 30th.