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San Francisco Recovery Theatre's Night at the Black Hawk

San Francisco Recovery Theatre is returning to the Tenderloin Museum Thursday March 30th! Night at the Black Hawk is a live jazz concert, part of an ongoing series that reflects on the lives and stories of the artists, musicians and residents that lived in the shadow of the Black Hawk Jazz Club. This live jazz event is free and open to the public, donations accepted and appreciated.

With the loss of so many artistic and iconic figures in 2016, not to mention the unsure political footing we find ourselves in, we are left with an open wound that needs healing. San Francisco Recovery Theatre is once again pledging its commitment to provide a safe place for those that are still suffering, their family members and those in recovery. Join us on this special date in celebrating the wealth of talent that exists in our community.

The enderloin Museum elebrates the rich history of one of San Francisco's most overlooked neighborhoods. Through history exhibitions, resident-led walking tours, community programs, and the presentation of original artwork, the Tenderloin Museum invites all comers to learn about the roots of our dynamic neighborhood, and reclaim our city's past and future. The 31 blocks of the Tenderloin District are a microcosm of San Francisco, peopled by immigrants and iconoclasts, artists and activists, sinners and saints. All are welcome to join us in telling its story.

The an Francisco Recovery Theatr is a grassroots organization with a lot of local and some municipal support. It is funded by grants from the art and health community in San Francisco with no full time staff, but with a core group of dedicated actors, composed mainly of people in recovery. Its mission is to meet people where they are, provide a medium of communication and deliver a message of hope, consequence and solutions.