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Anywhere Zines Closing Reception

Join us for the closing reception of Anywhere Zines on June 24th from 2 pm - 5 pm. The show is a culmination of artist Raphael Villet's 5 month residency at the Tenderloin Museum. The exhibition chronicles the 5 months that Raphael spent facilitating a space on the street for people to make art, write stories, and share knowledge through zines. In collaboration with the Tenderloin Museum, Raphael released an Anthology book housing all the zines made by 45+ people in the Tenderloin during his residency.

This free community Saturday afternoon event features Tenderloin performances and refreshments. Also, Raphael will set up outside the TL Museum and make zines with attendees and neighbors. An exhibition featuring zines and photographs chronicling the artist's process will be on display in the Tenderloin Museum Gallery, and the Zine Anthology will be available for viewing and purchasing.

Artist Raphael Villet grew up in San Francisco and now lives and works in Oakland California. He incorporates his studies of Sociology into his artwork, seeking to contextualize, consider and break down social constructs relating to gender, class and race. His artwork spans the realms of documentary, social practice and visual arts. His last major exhibition was at the Oakland Museum of California, in which he made photos and audio recordings of Bay Area residents who collect vinyl records. He also runs Play Press, a small publishing house that focuses on printing artist books/zines by women and gender non binary people. Play Press provides free art book printing by splitting each edition with the artist.  

 The Anywhere Zines Project is an activation of public space for the use of art making. Anywhere Zines is simply a space on the street for people to arrive, rest, sit, make art, write stories, and share knowledge. This project facilitates a space for art making and learning. Project creator Raphael Villet sees zines as a vehicle for autonomy, for self empowerment and self expression. As the project grows and morphs, it continues its core goal of promoting and placing value in non-judgemental self expression through art. Villet feels that working in the Tenderloin over these past 5 months has been a true blessing and valuable learning experience. The opportunity to work with people in the neighborhood has opened me up to the potential of connection and awareness through art. He has learned from the people he’s interacted with and is inspired by the enthusiasm of those 45+ people who chose to participate. The anthology book houses all the zines made by people during this residency and is available for purchase at the Tenderloin Museum. The process, tribulations and experiences will be chronicled in further detail in this book.