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The Future of Labor

The event on May 16th is a presentation on the labor history being made today by the workers and organizers fighting for it. We'll be joined at this "Future of Labor" panel by workers from Anchor Brewing, joined by organizers from TWU and TWC -- all everyday workers and activists engaging in what local labor historian Fred Glass calls the "oral culture of unionism...[the culture of] workers journeying from isolation and powerlessness to community, strength, and hope."

$5-$10 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds


- Garret Rinpoche: Anchor Brewing Fermentation Worker, Founding Anchor Union Organizing Committee Member, & DSA-SF Member

- Blake Dahlstrom: Anchor Public Taps Bar Tender & Part-Time Manager, Anchor Organizing Committee Member

- Tim Aumiller: Transport Worker’s Union Organizer, Ford Go Bike Organizing Committee Founding Member

- Jason Prado: Founding DSA-SF Leader, Tech Worker Coalition Organizer. Supported the first successful union contract campaign at Facebook of campus cafeteria workers w/ UNITE! HERE Local 2, winning big improvements for service sector workers in the tech industry


- Evan Mclaughlin: IFPTE Local 21 Organizer/Union Rep. Founder & Lead Organizer of the Anchor Union Campaign, Founder of the DSA-SF Labor Organizing Committee
This event is part of a larger month-long project dedicated to the History of the US Labor Movement. The Tenderloin Museum and Democratic Socialists of America - San Francisco (DSA-SF) are proud to contribute to the oral history of the US labor movement with an exciting new program focused on the past, present, and future of working people.

The Tenderloin has long been a home for the working class. The neighborhood's small, affordable apartments have drawn blue collar workers for generations -- from bartenders and waitresses, to sex workers and union organizers.

Please join us in April and May for these fascinating and engaging conversations about organized labor and the fight for dignity, respect, and self-sufficiency in the Tenderloin and beyond. Next event:

The event on May 23rd is an educational presentation about San Francisco’s 1934 General Strike which marked the first time a major US port city was completely shut down by a strike.