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Teacher Strike Wave: A Panel Discussion

A recent wave of strikes, rallies and wildcat actions led by teachers across the country have drawn attention to the most urgent issues faced by students and educators - school closures, budget cuts, understaffing, and the reappropriation of public school funding for charter schools. This panel seeks to tell the stories of local teachers and parent activists, many of which have been underreported or ignored by the mainstream media.

Our panelists include a journalist who has given educators a national voice in this struggle, along with the teachers, organizers, and parents leading the way for radical change within their classrooms, union halls, and communities. These everyday labor leaders will discuss their distinct visions for building working class power, including fighting for dignity and respect through fair contracts, taking militant demands to the streets, and forging solidarity among educators and support staff. We look forward to you leaving this panel with renewed hope in workers’ power to create radical change in education.


Greg McGarry is a DSA-SF member, UESF shop steward, and teaches English at Mission High School in SFUSD. His puns are LEGENDARY, and he’s also the moderator of the evening’s panel.

Allyson Bravmann is a DSA-SF member and a parent-activist at the Tenderloin Community School, part of SFUSD

Lizzy Dutton teaches algebra at Mission High School within SFUSD.

Quinn Ranahan taught math at Roots International Academy within OUSD.

Eric Blanc is an author and journalist focusing on labor movements, as well as a former Bay Area high school teacher. In addition to his work with Jacobin covering the recent public education strikes, he has authored the book Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working Class Politics (Verso 2019).

This event will be held on July 23rd, 7pm at the Tenderloin Museum in San Francisco, and is co-sponsored by Democratic Socialists of America -San Francisco.