Tenderloin Museum

Opening Early 2015

A photo-realistic artist's rendering of the exterior of the Tenderloin Museum at the corner of Eddy and Leavenworth.


The Tenderloin Museum will act as a dynamic, original cultural space offering multiple platforms including a museum exhibition, neighborhood tours, a café, community cultural & arts projects, and public events at night. The Museum will uncover the forgotten history of the Tenderloin neighborhood.

Located in the Central Tenderloin, this new space will connect the neighborhood to the burgeoning Central Market arts scene. It will unite local community groups to collaborate on projects helping Tenderloin residents while beautifying the neighborhood. The space’s multiple usage approach will create an anchor for Tenderloin social and cultural life fueling an economically recharged area.


A photo-realistic artist's rendering of the Cafe interior. A barista is making coffee and a woman is reading.
Invigorating the neighborhood, the Museum will activate during the day and night with a wide range of activities:
Museum exhibit space will uncover the lost history of the neighborhood’s rich and diverse past.
Neighborhood Tours
Resident-led neighborhood tours. The new space will serve as the holding and ticketing area for the tours.
Arts and Culture
Community-based arts and cultural programming.
Evening Events
Dynamic evening concerts and events to bring new people into the neighborhood and activate residents.
Cafe serving beverages and pastries will act as a social gathering area for visitors.
A photo-realistic artist's rendering of the interior of the exhibition.